Friday, 23 May 2008

Diamente couture and apple magic

I thought I'd post one of my loveliest ebay finds.
It's a diamente couture top, made for a fashion shoot in Canada some 50 years ago, and kept in the model's wardrobe ever since. I bought it for very little, initially planning to take it apart for the buttons and beads (as if!), and I now can't imagine letting it go, let alone the horrific thought of pulling it apart (I was told the history only after I bought it and realized it was rather special and asked. They hadn't mentioned it in the listing.). It's all hand stitched, and has literally hundreds of beads and diamente buttons. I can't wear it, but it makes me happy just to look at it. It also weighs a ton!

And in complete contrast, another piccie that makes me smile - taken last October at Wisley - is this one of a lion made out of...

Apples!!! Go on, now you know what to do with your apples this autumn!

Phew. I've done my post for today!


Trish said...

I have done my tagging thing missy :)

love that top, its sooo yum xxx

angel said...

Coooooeeeeeeeeeee, Lackie bottom, its MEEEEEEEEEEE, I dont know about you but I usually eat my apples!!
I love that stool thingy watchamacallit, You didnt really do it did you, nah, you had a proffessional do it for you didnt
Have a great weekend, Im off to a wedding tomorrow, so see you Monday. Love and hugs XXXXXXXXXXXX