Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Chic shoppers (or wally trollies!)

Ok, I've been foxed tonight, as I cannot seem to upload pics from my camera of my freecycle find, as promised. So instead, I found this, which tells you why I am so excited:

Clicking on it should enlarge it. Mine, Ethel, is much better than any of these. She's a gorgeous tartan check (she may be Ethel MacArthur!) and I will post a pic as soon as I possibly can, because she's already my best friend and one very classy act. I took her to Legoland today and she was fab. I didn't have to carry a thing - she did it all for me.
However, my littleuns were a little embarrassed and made me feel I should succumb to the wally trolley quite yet. What to do!? (It may not have helped that I was openly asking them to pull Ethel along for little bits! No shame, me.)
She only let me down once, when she keeled over on a particularly tricky hill. "Hang on kids, Ethel's just died" didn't help my kudos (or Ethel's) with the kids either. But otherwise, it was great. But I couldn't meet my 11 yr old's challenge of finding another wally trolley (or Ethel friend as I preferred to call it) in the whole of Legoland. What's wrong with folks. I think everyone should have one. She was vicious in running over people's feet when they tried to butt in front in the queues. What a star!
Right, I have to get on with tomorrow's job of posting a tutorial for the shabby chic swap I did, as it was such fun to make.
I'll set it up tonight - check back tomorrow to see just what it is and how to make it. There, I've promised now. Gotta stick to it.
Night all. x


angel said...

Me either, my pic's are all stuck in "Nero" Blimmin heck, and just when I thought I had it all sorted.tsk tsk.
I have an Ethel and love her to bits, mine is called "what the heck is that" named after all the people down the high street who first saw her.
I thought it was a quirky name :-)

Trish said...

lol @ Ethel :D as long as you had a good day hun, you and ethel rock xxx

Lace Threads said...

Wot! No kisses, Angel!?? :-(
What the heck is that is a brilliant name - but rather long! Ethel is short and sweet, see! Still lubs ya. xxxxxxx

Raspberry Grace said...

I've got a wally trolley..I am not ashamed.. I never gave it a name though.. you lot are a bit daft!!

love, Rasp xx

angel said...


Sorry, I pressed pyc, before I meant too. *whistling*