Monday, 12 May 2008

Car boot finds

We had a car boot yesterday, to get rid of a few boxes of stuff. Unfortunately I went wandering, and look what I found:

A sewing box. I'm inspired to work on this because of what the wonderful Vintage Pleasure did with hers. It had bits and pieces inside as well (including lots of colour headed pins in the lid!).

And also:

...which also has bits and pieces inside, including some buttons for my collection!
I can't wait to get started.
I also came home with some gorgeous Jane Churchill fabric, enough to make blinds for my bedroom windows. I'll try and post pics of it a bit later. So all in all a good morning.


Raspberry Grace said...

They are gorgeous :) Can't wait to see them done up!

God bless, Rasp xxx

Trish said...

ooohhh you lucky lady getting them and what a good price too hun :)

and you will make me blub making lovely comments like that hun :) I only did what any firend would do xxx

shabby chic said...

Yes it will look lovely when all done up, and very original as well as unique. Thats the lovely thing about doing it , when you have a lovely item you created yourself at the end. Sounds like you got some great fabrics too x Dom