Friday, 25 April 2008

Wallpaper heaven

I had a piece of luck yesterday. I was lucky enough to find three rolls of a gorgeous Hamilton Weston toiles paper in a local charity shop for a £1 each.

I knew they were rather special, so found their site:

Lovely papers, but no prices so don't know what it would cost to try and match my paper. Any ideas anyone? Anyway, from thinking I would use the toile to cover old shoeboxes/files/storage boxes/etc, I thought I ought to make better use of it. It seems a bit of a waste to just use it up on small projects. Following on from that, I realized that three rolls may just be enough to do our understairs loo!

So I delved deeper and came across what must be the best wallpaper site in the world:

Just have a play - every wallpaper you click on, for those out there who love papers, this is truly wallpaper heaven, shows a room style with it! How neat is that. You don't even have to click - you just hover your cursor over the wallpaper you like.

So I'm now thinking we could use it for the loo, by using panelling on the bottom and the paper (which is obviously quite a strong print) above. Do comment if you have any suggestions, or good links for wallpapers.

How cute is this:

Well, that's kind of the look I'm going to aim for.

And I want to try and find where these papers are sold in the UK: aren't they fantastic. You could do so much with a paper from them. And all from a thrift find!


Jamie said...

beautiful wallpapers!! will be checking out the site today:)

Lace Threads said...

Thank you! It is a very addictive site!