Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A ten year old's Roman dress: any advice?

I wanted to post my daughter's idea for a Roman dress for her Roman day at school. This is put together from the fabric she was given on freecycle to play with, and so is her first project.
I have no dressmaking skills, so I'm amazed where this has come from, and I've no idea how to sew it all together - please, advice if you have any!
So, she has basically pinned it to her mini-mannequin (a pressie from somebody else), and made it up. But I think the design is looking brilliant (and this was all her - I gasped when I went into her bedroom - though, of course, I am biased!):

If you can suggest how she proceeds, please, please let us know.


Sea Angels said...

I don't have a clue what to do next but it looks pretty fab. Maybe a career in costume design could be on the horizon.
Hugs Lynn xx
Thankyou for your lovely comments

Lace Threads said...

That's makes two of us! But I've got to find a way!! Thank you.