Monday, 14 April 2008

Ready to begin: The sewing box

Here goes with my first post. I've created a blog as I've realized, or rather I am hoping, that it will help to inspire me to get projects I begin finished. My first project to blog about is a £3 sewing box I picked up at the local scout's jumble sale. I actually disliked it, but wanted to try a small project.

I now absolutely love it. I've painted it in F&B, and lined it with a Laura Ashley remnant I found. It's been an easy first project.

How I did it

It was easy to take apart, but I didn't think to code each piece - if you are planning on doing one, make a plan and mark where each box is. Otherwise it's virtually impossible to put it back together right.
So I took it apart, sanded it and prime/undercoated it in one.
I then gave it a light sand and painted it with the Dimity.
It could really do with a second coat, but I wanted to finish, so skipped that bit.

When it came to lining it, I decided a Laura Ashley remnant I picked up in the sale for £3 was a good match for the paint finish. It had been lined with a fairly functional blue plastic, wrapped around card.

I recut the card and used the LA to cover it, using PVA to stick it down. I would have used Bostick, but we didn't have any. But the PVA worked fine. I padded the two lid bits, as it gives it a nice look, but I didn't pad anything else - thought this would result in pins getting into corners!
So without the card it looked like:

I have to admit, it's not perfect, but I adore the result. And I'm itching to complete another project. One tip if you're lucky enough to find one (and please do send me a pic of before and after if you do-I'd love to feel this has inspired somebody to save one from landfill!): don't put it together and then try and line it. Line the sections and then put it together, as you can't access the back of them easily. I learnt this the hard way. Also, I used the old lining as a template, but still had to trim the card insets back a bit.
My children now want one for their bits and bobs! It would be fab for kids, actually (but they are not getting this one!)
One of these could be used for all sorts of things - you could paint one in pastel shades for a child's lego bits and bobs, etc. Possibilities are endless. And all for a sewing box I nearly walked past at a jumble sale.


periwinkle said...

I saw one of these in my local charity shop the other day-- I would never have thought of painting it- looks lovely
Lisa x

Cath said...

I've just been directed to this post by a friend and love your sewing box - it's beautiful !!! I would have walked passed it too and not given it another thought.