Friday, 18 April 2008

Chair renovation project

Well, this is a first for me. I've decided to shabby chic this chair, which I got in a pub clearance for £5. I'm blogging about it to encourage me to keep going as this seems such a big deal to me!

The cover was hard to get off, as it turned out to have been reupholstered three times, with each layer covering the previous and secured with buckets of staples. It's truly lovely underneath, and it's left me confused as to what to do with it. I wanted to shabby chic it - paint it slate grey, and recover with some lush Cath Kidston material or similar, but I don't want to cover the slats, and I don't know that I should paint it - though this leaves the problem of the damage done by the staples. So I just don't know what to do now. But the wood is very glossy.

I thought I'd also post a picture of my tool kit for the job: very simple really! The pliers were fantastic, as they gripped even the smallest and tightest of the staples.

However, although the chair is coming on, my hands are incredibly sore. I was hoping to uncover the other side, but have only just managed to get the seat pad separated and de-material-ised and de-stapled. I can't wait to see the slats from the front, but I don't think I can get there tonight. Will keep you informed! This is certainly harder than I expected.

And now a picture of the uncovered slats: phew, I'm beginning to appreciate why reupholstery is so expensive!

And finally, fully uncovered, aside from the seat pad.

I've decided to paint it with F&B Dimity, which I used for my sewing box.

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Summer by the sea said...

Hi there, just popped across here from the MSE forum - look forward to seeing your chair when its finished - Natalie x