Saturday, 19 April 2008

A ten-year-old's inspired thank you!

My ten-year-old has suddenly discovered she loves to sew, which is fun. She was given a half-size adult's sewing machine for Christmas (having been given a plastic child's one which didn't work at all and had to go back). Unfortunately I can't keep buying her endless fabrics, and we were running out of ideas, so I asked on freecycle. She wanted to be free to experiment, with her own fabric stash. She's thrilled with the result, and this was her way of saying a big thank you (all made with the generous freecycle fabric). She was also lucky enough to get three patterns for children's dresses thrown in, and is planning to try one out. This is difficult for me, as my dressmaking skills are frankly appalling. Will have to stumble along somehow, as I'm doing with my chair project!

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twiggypeasticks said...

you have a very creative young lady there, that's great. I like your blog, do you realise how addicted you'll become ? Enjoy!!!