Friday, 25 April 2008

Roman blinds for beginners - if I can do it!

Morning all (if I have any readers - doubt it as my blogs such a baby in terms of what is out there!). But welcome if you have dropped by. I'm currently (inbetween rushing to my baby blog) giving the chair its first coat of primer/undercoat this morning. Boy has it been hard. I'll give you a peek soon. It's looking good! However, I tried to cut a corner by priming before filling in those pesky holes, and they show. Duh! So am also filling holes, and will have to sand and reprime, I guess. That'll teach me to cut corners.

I'm also currently trying to tackle the thorny question of a small window in my son's room which is covered with a bit of flowery material at the moment. (Because his bigger sis has just moved out, and there's bits like this left over!)

He's chosen a Cath Kidston print, and I am going to try making a small Roman blind: very scary if you've never done this before. So I'll let you know how it proceeds. Here's the fabric and blackout lining.

Today I've managed to map out how much cord and how many eyelets I'm going to need. I had got a couple of books from the library, and they differed in their advice.
What I have done is:
Drawn up a mini plan of the blind, which I did to scale on graph paper. The window measures 105 cm by 60 cm. My graph plan looks like this:

So each big block is 10 cm. The red lines mark the three lines for the cords. They are 5 cm in from each side, with one central. The crosses mark where the eyelets will be - every 20 cm down the blind, beginning 20 cm down from the top.

Tonight I plan to lay out the fabric and blackout lining, and cut out, allowing an extra 2 inches all around on the fabric and cutting to the size of the window on the blackout lining.

I've finally finished it, and it was, looking back, surprisingly easy. In fact, I loved doing it. So here it is. I'd say, if you're considering doing one for the first time, go for it!


Ziakoko said...

Hi there I've been peaking at your blog and saw ooooooh roman blinds- but it took me ages to get the pics to load! using eyelets for roman blinds is quite rare- do you have an eyelet punch? we make and sell roman blinds online including the cath kidston one you have and use blackout lining for most of them- which is great for keeping the little ones asleep longer in the mornings- we use pockets folded in the lining for our rods that stiffen the blind and make it rise in straight folds-how were you planning on adding the rods? Anyway hope it goes well- if you get stuck drop me a line and I'll give you a hand ( though you seem to be doing so well!) regards Zia

Anonymous said...

Hey Lace Hearts, Your blind looks great. I know it was a while ago, but it's alwasy nice to get a pat on the back. I was actually trying to find if someone had made a lace roman blind (as a sheer under a curtain) or if that would just be too odd! Anyway, I'm off to see if I can find it.